CEENBoT, INC - Robotics Solutions for Educators, Hobbyists and Researchers


Thank you for your interest in CEENBoT, Inc. products! Our robot kits and platforms are designed and manufactured to stimulate the user, while also being reliable and fun. We have users from ages 8 to 80 that enjoy being involved with robotics. It is a fun and interesting way for students and adults to be creative, build robotic hardware, and solve problems. For students, the innovative platform places educationally stimulating technology in their hands to increase interest in school and after-school science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) experiences and to promote advanced learning.

CEENBoT, Inc. was founded by Dr. Bing Chen to educate students and adults in the use of robotics. His unique experience in teaching students and passion in robotics delivers quality educational solutions. Our purpose is to provide robust and affordable solutions to your robotic needs. CEENBoT, Inc. robots are customizable and provide a platform where you can create your own unique creation.