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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to assemble the kit?
A: The kit gives you the opportunity to learn more about chassis assembly and soldering components on a printed circuit board. It is a great learning experience to perform as a lab or as an after school activity. Assembly may take a few hours and requires basic tools and soldering equipment. Your assembly manual has a list of the tools required. If you are not familiar with soldering electrical components, you can also buy the robot fully assembled.

Q: I do not have time to assemble a robot kit. Can I purchase the robot fully assembled and ready to run out of the box?
A: Yes, you have the option to purchase a fully assembled robot. Just check this option on your order and your robot will come pre-tested and ready for you to operate.

Q: How long does it take to program the robot?
A: The robot comes with loaded with firmware to make the robot move and operate in bump mode. In bump mode, your robot will avoid obstacles it senses from the no touch sensor. Firmware updates are available on the web site.

Q: Why will my robot not work?
A: Make sure all the electrical connections are tight and the battery is charged. Reference the trouble shooting section in your user manual for additional information.

Q: This kit has me excited about robots, but I want more?
A: Visit our community area for communication with other CEENBoT owners.

Q: I have run my robot for a while and need repair parts. Are these available?
A: Yes, Send us an email at sales@ceenbotinc.com to request prices and order parts. We are continually expanding our product line and will be adding robotic accessories and parts soon.

Q: How do I ask questions about my kit?
A: Just email us at support@ceenbotinc.com

Q: Do you take school purchase orders?
A: Yes, fill out the order form located on our web site that include the purchase order and contact information.

Q: Which charge cards do you accept?
A: Visa and MasterCard.

Q: Do you ship COD?
A: No.

Q: Do I have to buy a complete unit or can I build my own?
A: Yes, you can build your own robot using our PC controller board. The board is custom made, based on the ATMega324 microcontroller and is not available anywhere else, with features like a multiline LCD display, dual stepper motor control, control of five RC servos, access to power and microcontroller inputs and outputs, and many other features. We will be glad to give you advice.

Q: How do I purchase items from CEENBoT, Inc?
A: Please see this page for information on how to order robots and parts from us: http://www.ceenbotinc.com/store/